Banner "Love etc..." David Pluskwa Art Contemporain. Collective exhibition. du 14 mars au 19 avril 2014. Marselle France

“LOVE, etc…” David Pluskwa Art Contemporain Art Exhibition

Collective Exhibition at David Pluskwa Art Contemporain Art Exhibition. Marseille. 2013 from March 14 to April 19, 2014

Charlelie COUTURE, Eric LIOT, Feng Ge, Cope2, Pro176, Wile, Thomas Canto, Luke Newton, Antonio Carretero, Stéphae Moscato, Elisabeth Montagnier, TILT, JonOne, ROD, Jef AEROSOL, V.Bigo

From David Pluskwa Art Contemporain:

“For his first major exhibition of the year, David Pluskwa returns to collective hangings. After having explored the Vanities in all their states in 2013, the gallery owner from Marseille launches his own Spring of Love, inviting his artists to express themselves around the theme of love. Inflamed love, destructive passion, shared tenderness for a big heart or in pieces … 17 French and international artists have responded to this carte blanche, called Love etc…

Unveiled in March, this cross-border exhibition highlights painters, sculptors and visual artists from creative strongholds such as New York, Paris, Marseille or Valencia in Spain.

If the Gallery’s leading artists – such as JonOne, Jef Aérosol or Éric Liot – will be highlighted, Love etc… will also be an opportunity to discover in situ the new signatures finely cast by David Pluskwa, from Wile from Marseille to Luke Newton, a young British sensation, as well as the spectacular PRO176, STF Moscato or the legendary New York King Cope2…

All you need is Love !”

Opening of the exhibition Thursday, March 13, 2014



53 Rue Grignan, 13006 Marseille, France

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