The OVER Series

The OVER Series

In this page, the Spanish painter Antonio Carretero brings together a gallery of the latest paintings of the OVER series. Click on any image to see it full size.

OVER-L Series

OVER-M Series

OVER-C Series

If you want to know more about the series, in the “about my work” pages I explain more about concepts and processes. In addition, each series has its own “about” page where I expose its own features:

To see the works of each series on its own, go to the pages:
OVER-L: images of the paintings corresponding to the OVER-L series.
OVER-M: images of the paintings corresponding to the OVER-M series.
OVER-C: images of the paintings corresponding to the OVER-C series.

If you are interested in any of the works, you can ask directly to some of the last galleries I’ve worked with: Brennecke Fine Arts (Berlin), David Pluskwa (Marseille), Espai-B (Barcelona)
Or contact me directly through the mail or the form on the contact page.


Keep in mind that the experience of seeing any pictorial work live is different from seeing it through a screen or photograph. When we see a photograph, we only see a representation where some formal features such composition or color, but others like texture or stroke are lost. In addition, the immersive experience to be in front of a 3 x 2 meter diptych isn’t possible through a picture. That duality between being inside or outside of the painting is also part of my work and, unfortunately, by now, it cannot be felt through a screen. Maybe in a few years, virtual reality will make it possible, who knows? Until then, I hope you enjoy what you see. Thank you.