• OVER-L series


    I started over-M in 2011 with some small studies almost lacking of color saturation. Soon I realized that, just with this change, works conceptually moved into darker and artificial territories. Without losing my interest in movement and large formats, I continue looking for enhance it with more artificial character references; I’m interested from the roughness of the cement, to the labyrinthine pattern of a printed circuit. To achieve this I introduce lines and geometric shapes, with matte and opaque material, often applied evenly using airbrushes or industrial processes like rollers. This through a constant transformation process where these elements are combined with other more immediate and organic which, through chromatic integration, are also trapped in the same oppressive space. My goal is that from this alternation between techniques, form and matter, creating a rhythm of confrontation suitable to the dystopian sense that moves me to make this series.

Shines in the darkness

Grey over hub

Conflictive structures