• OVER-C series

    OVER-L series

    When I paint I am caught. I dive into the large format canvas for weeks or months. Sometimes I start sketching lines, sometimes I get close and concentrate on the section in front of me. It is a successive alteration of the scale factor that allows me to create multiple readings: next and immersive; and a global and coherent. This process, combined with my tendency to complexity, moves me to create, combine and transform elements constantly. I do it taking the color as a reference point and integrating it through abstract forms; can be patterns, simple geometries, voluminous formations or even natural reference ideograms. I impose no restrictions on myself. I am guided by intuition. When I find an element suggestive, I turn it into a resource and add it to a common glossary which grows as the series progresses. The work ends when I feel is almost fully saturated, creating a dynamic, complex and colorful composition. Then I feel madly attracted.

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