About my work

The OVER series In 2006 I started the series "OVER" with OVER-L (overload). My goal was to find out what would be the result if I do not impose to myself any restriction technical, stylistic or thematic. To begin, I selected a large format canvas and acrylic paint. This would prevent a rapid or impetuous execution and let me think for days about the work I was doing. Three months later I finished the first painting for the OVER-L series: Funky Color Sun Fusion. During this process I rediscovered my interest in structural complexity, dynamic rhythms and color as an expressive vehicle. A few years later, perhaps moved by the events, I felt the need to experiment and get away from the lively and playful OVER-L. In the OVER-M series, keeping the dynamism and complexity, I almost desaturated color completely and forms, geometricized, turned out to be the benchmark for most gloomier and dystopian environments. Finally, OVER-C ended this trilogy. Instead “L” and “C” it is designed as a study, with small works. I explore the ability of coexistence of antagonistic elements, typical of the previous series, in the same space. The integration between arificial and organic, spontaneous and reflective, human and mechanical.